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Ombré Brow Training

If you’re looking for the best ombré brow training then look no more as the School of PMU with facilities in California and Texas offers several levels of training. Start with foundational learning and progress to an apprenticeship. The in-person training teaches you ombré brow creation with hands-on practice. Receive the best training at the School of PMU and master the latest and most in-demand PMU brow procedure! Ombré brow creation is a newer and more advanced technique an microblading. Also known as powdered brows, this semi-permanent styling technique creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. Less invasive than microblading, ombré brow creation uses a machine. Training Levels Our training begins by providing the fundamentals of ombré brow creation, progresses to a boot camp, and then

an opportunity for an apprenticeship involving work with clients. Each level is an individual enrollment and involves separate curriculums tailored to you as a PMU artist. Our three levels of training are progressive:

  • Level l – Topics for this 3-day class include ombré theory skin preparation, color theory, machine configuration, styles of ombre brows creation, shading & gradient techniques, and borderless brows

  • Level ll – An apprenticeship boot camp involving hands-on experience. A certified School of PMU instructor will provide guidance as students work with models

  • Level III – Provides an opportunity to work with regular clients. Prospective students will be considered after an interview. Apply in confidence to discuss the terms of this 3-day apprenticeship

Receive your ombré brow creation certificate of completion upon graduating from training. Path to Success Get the most sophisticated ombré brow training from certified master artists at the School of PMU. Principal trainer and coach Shareen established the school in 2010. A master trainer, she has over 15 years of training experience world wide. The School of PMU is one of the most trusted permanent makeup studios in the country. We are committed to providing the best training. Your path to a successful career in this area is clear—take our hands-onombré brow training, with seasoned trainers, and start working with clients. Your services will be instantly in demand!

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