Our Memberships

Gold Local

$90 per month

  • Full access to ONE salon
  • Access for services is limited to the location plan was established
  • 2 Classic Fills per billing cycle
  • $6 Brow Styling (Waxing or Threading)
  • 50% off MLV Fills
  • 50% off MLV Refresh
  • $10 surcharge for Classic Fill if visiting another salon
  • $15 surcharge for MLV Fill if visiting another salon
  • 25% off Lash Growth Serum (1 per contract)
  • Full access to Lash Wash Stations
  • 10% off other services
  • 10% off products
  • Gold Elite

    $115 per month

  • Full access to all salons
  • 4 Classic Lash Refresh per billing cycle
  • 1 Classic Lash Fill per billing cycle
  • 1 Brow Styling per billing cycle (Waxing or Threading)
  • 70% off MLV Fills
  • 70% off MLV Refresh
  • 50% off Lash Growth Serum (1 per contract)
  • Full access to Lash Wash Stations
  • 15% off other services
  • 15% off products
  • Diamond Elite

    $165 per month

  • 25% off products
  • Full access to all salons
  • Unlimited Classic Fills
  • Unlimited MLV Fills
  • Unlimited Classic Refresh
  • Unlimited MLV Refresh
  • Unlimited Brow Styling (Waxing or Threading)
  • 1 Lash Growth Serum with contract
  • Full access to Lash Wash Stations
  • 25% off other services

  • Unlimited Full Face (Waxing or Threading)
  • Includes Brow, Lip, Chin, Forehead and Sideburns
  • 15% off Brow products
  • 15% off Lash services

  • Unlimited Brow Design (Waxing or Threading)
  • 25% off other Waxing or Threading services
  • 10% off Brow products
  • 10% off Lash services
  • Membership Terms

    Contract Length

    Our Memberships are a 6 month term. Your plan will auto-renew after 6 months unless your contract is terminated 30 days prior to the end of your contract.


    A credit/debit card is required to apply for a Membership and is billed each month on the date of initial sign up.


    Membership monthly dues are subject to a $10 fee for any declined payment. Please notify your salon if you need to update your payment information.


    You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time subject to the Membership Terms & Conditions.


    As a Member, you may book an appointment at any of our locations and see any level technician. There are no restrictions on number of visits.


    You may cancel or suspend your Membership at any time without incurring a fee subject to the Membership Cancellation/Suspension Notice Policy and Terms & Conditions.