Why do you require a credit or debit card to book appointments?

A card is required in order to ensure an appointment is held for the client booking. A card is also required for any related fees that may be charged to a client for any Late Cancellation, No Show, Deposit or Account balances according to iCandy policy. If you need to change the card on file under your profile, simply inform the Admin on your next visit and we will update your information.

Why is it so difficult to call a salon to speak to someone?

The high volume of clients we see each day takes up a considerable amount of time. Each salon is managed by an Admin who is responsible for checking clients in/out as well as processing all transactions, setting up memberships and a variety of other responsibilities. Although each Admin does their best to answer calls and/or return messages, most of their time is spent with clients in the salon which doesn't allow for much time to spend on the phone. Our website should provide you with answers and information for the majority of questions or concerns you may have.

Why does iCandy have 3 levels of Lash Technicians?

iCandy has 3 different levels to differentiate between our technicians based on experience, time necessary to complete each service, types of services that can be performed and prices for each service. The standard of care and service is the same regardless of level. However, as the saying goes, "Time is Money". A more experienced technician can provide a service in less time which allows that technician to be booked for more appointments comparatively.

Who owns iCandy?

The Founder, Concept Designer and Owner of iCandy is Shareen Malik. She founded iCandy in 2010 after owning and managing a successful hair salon in Antioch, Stunners 'N Smashers. Shareen and iCandy have been the industry leader in the development and implementation of many of the services that are now standard. She has personally trained hundreds of Lash Technicians and continues to lead as others follow.

Are your Lash Technicians certified?

All iCandy Eye Salon Lash Technicians are fully trained and certified. iCandy provides a comprehensive and extensive training program that every Lash Technician and Permanent Makeup Artist must pass in order to be employed by iCandy. The majority of training and certification is administered and supervised by our owner, Shareen Malik. All of our technicians are Licensed by the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. 

Can you explain the different sets of Lash Extensions?

We Offer two types of sets, Classic and MLV. Classic application is one natural lash has one extension. while MLV is our signature multi lash volume lashes, which are hand made fans of multiple lashes applied to one natural lash. There are about 75 lashes added per eye to create a full look. These extensions can be placed in various styles to create open eye, cat eye or natural look

What are the Lash Up services?

When a client receives a set of extensions and comes in for a fill, we replace any lashes that have fallen out up to their original set. For instance, a client with the Mascara set would be filled up to 40 lashes per eye. This is considered their 'Set Level'. A Lash Up service permanently increases their level. For instance, a client with the Mascara set could get the Dramatic Lash Up which increases them to 55 lashes per eye. Each subsequent visit, they would be filled to 55 lashes per eye now that they have increased their level.

What if I want to suspend my Membership?

You can suspend your membership at anytime at $15/month charge. We can issue an open-ended suspension from the date you specify upto 90 days. We can also suspend your plan for a specified length of time. When a plan is suspended, all benefits from the plan are frozen until the suspension ends. When you return from the suspension, your plan begins immediately and the benefits are reinstated. If you return on a different date than your regular billing cycle, your plan will be adjusted to reflect the new billing date based on when your membership is reactivated.

Is there anything I need to know when I come in for a set of Eyelash Extensions?

Yes! There are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure to arrive a few minutes before your appointment. We require all new clients to complete our Eyelash Extension Waiver and Consent Form. This will be provided to you by the salon Admin. You'll also want to make sure to remove any mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow or any other type of makeup or product from around the eyes and lashes. Your Lash Technician will spend a few minutes with you to answer any questions you may have and decide which lashes to use based on your preferences.

Can you explain the steps for your Permanent Makeup services?

For the majority of our PM services, a $50 deposit is required to hold your appointment. This is refundable after completion, can be used towards your Touch-Up service or may be forfeited if you No Show for your appointment. When you arrive, you will need to fill out our PMU Consent and Waiver form. The PM Artist will then discuss the next steps including the initial numbing of the area which takes approximately 25 minutes. After numbing, the main service will begin in a private room. After completion, you will receive after care instructions and any questions will be answered.

Do you have a mobile app?

Download our FREE app! You can book appointments, check appointment statuses, and much more!

I can’t access my profile to book online. Now what?

Typically if you're having trouble accessing your online profile it's because of a password issue. The email under your profile is your login. If you can't access your profile, DO NOT create a new profile. What you need to do is call your salon and let the Admin know you're having trouble accessing your account. The Admin can reset your password allowing you to use the same login and continue to access your existing account.

I'm getting a new set of extensions or a fill for the first time. What do I need to know?

You'll want to make sure you've removed any makeup or eyeliner before coming in for your service. You'll need to fill out the Consent and Waiver form. If coming in for a fill from another salon, we recommend removing the lashes already applied so there is no cross contamination or incompatibility with the lashes or adhesive we use. We can remove your existing lashes for a fee. We'll also take Before and After pictures of your lashes for our records.

Will I get a reminder for my appointment?

When your appointment is booked you will receive a confirmation at the time it's been scheduled. This will show you the day, time and service for your appointment. The day before your appointment, you will receive an email reminder. We send confirmations and reminders via email only so please make sure we have your most recent email address. If you book an appointment online and need to cancel, please contact a salon to inform them of the cancellation. Online appointments cannot be canceled through the online booking system.