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Discover the Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

An Ageless Trend, Instant Pick “Me” Up, Save Time and Look like an ‘iCandy”

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Our revolutionary MLV™ lashes ups the amp with thicker, fuller lashes that demand attention. Make heads turn with real 3D volume applications that take less time and cost less than traditional Russian volume.

MLV™ are safer for your natural lashes than tabs, clusters, or machine-made fans.

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With classic lashes, a single eyelash extension is individually applied to a single natural eyelash. This process enhances your existing lashes by adding length and curl.

Our Classic Lashes are easy to maintain and available in a variety of looks.


Difference between Fills & Refreshes

iCandy has designed two services to keep your lashes pristine at all times

Our Fills are between 45 to 60 minute service which is Replenishing, Removal, Replacing and Rebonding your extensions during the visit

Our Refreshes are 30 to 45 minutes service meant to refresh and build/add lashes that you may have lost.